Jan 6, 2010


Well, it’s another brand new year! What a treat! I love welcoming the new year in. We had a hustling and bustling Christmas, it was great. If you’ve been following my blog you know that I like to pick one word for the new year. Last year I picked the word Serenity. I guess I wasn’t quite ready to let that word go, because it has taken me quite some time to pick my little word for 2010. Proof of that would be on Saturday night, the kids were in bed early, and I decided to transform my master bathroom into a spa! I took a bubble bath, made a cup of French vanilla hot cocoa, and soaked for a while. I pulled out a few of my newest favorites. You can find both of these at Wal-Mart. The Stress and Tension Soak is fabulous! It’s scented with hints of juniper, oranges and menthol.  And the Apricot body scrub, smells like a fruit smoothie! Both are seriously yummy! I gave myself a little pedi, and painted my toes a fun color of pink! They had been red for the holidays forever it seemed like! Felt so good to freshen up!
As I soaked and sipped on my cocoa, I thought what do I want 2010 to bring? I thought of spiritual goals, goals to be healthy physically, goals financially, goals to deepen relationships, goals to try new & exciting endeavors , and goals of service,and ultimately to be a better me, all wonderful things. So it was then that I picked my word, to encompass ALL good things in my life. ABUNDANCE. Abundance of all things good. 2010 is going to be the BEST yet!!!

Well, it seems I always have a few projects going on, and if it’s okay with you, I’ll share a few of them.

I had some vinyl made up for a few spots around the house…
for my little guy’s room

master bedroom
I won’t bore you with the rest… you’ve probably seen them before, of have them in you house. :)
Oh and we decided to FINALLY update our kitchen table, I’ve been wanting to refinish it forever!

So we turned this:


DSCN4887 DSCN4885
The sanding took forever, then we just spray painted it, sanded the edges, and then spray painted a clear polyurethane coat on top. Did I mention how much I ♥ spray paint?! I do. (even though I’ve been blowing black boogies, for two days straight! ha! ;) *Note to self: remember to pick up painting masks next time I have a big project like this.)

Well, it’s late. Luckily my kids have been sleeping in, still recovering from the post-holiday fun!
Have a great day!