Jan 12, 2009

Because we all need a good laugh on a Monday Morning...

Just so you know, this blog post could be potentially very embarassing. So let's just get it out there that First of all I know I have crazy and almost untamable hair. (Remember Cavewoman, hair picture Here?!) and I won't ever claim to be a hair expert. I like to try new products and only by trial and error have I learned how to manage my own head of crazy hair.
#2 I hope that anyone out there that just might be in the same sad position as me when it comes to their hair may find some of these little tips comforting & useful or just get a kick out of the pictures. :)
#3 How important is the product & tools that you use in your hair?? Very. Very. Very.
and last but not least, I also hope that no one quits reading my blog, because now they know what I look like when I wake up in the morning!
Case Study #1: My hair if I do absolutely nothing with it! Is that a bang calick?! Oh my!
Case Study #2 Naturally Curly Hair but it's not the gorgeous curls like my BFF Kate, it's more wavy crazy frizzy & just annoying . (By the way, check out Kate's new Beyonce video while you are there, I dare you not to die laughing! That's why we LOVE her!)

Case Study #3 Stick Straight, okay I still may or may not have those little waves in the back due to the natural curl. Did I just wake up I look a little droopy eyed. haha
So really I just thought I'd share some of the products that I love right now. First of all if I am going to do my hair curly as in photo #2 I need two things..
Hair Gel, my hair only agrees with LA LOOKS #9 nothing else will hold those curls in place.
And then this little difuser is my new best friend. It's small. light weight and very travel friendly! Plus it protects my hair from blow dry damage! You can only find them on line. Really I LOVE it though! Okay if you want to go for the straight look you need a few more things. Of course a flat iorn, & a big round brush!
I also like to use a volumizing root mousse a flat iron protection spray, I like Beyond the Zone Turn up the Heat, it smells like candy! I also use KMS stick it wax
and Ion Silk Drops.Okay so the pics. of me are really a big joke, but really these products are not. I LOVE em! So what are your favorite hair products? Any tips for styling? That's a whole different story, and I could use some help in that category!!!
Have a great Monday!!!