Apr 23, 2012

Josh Anderson for Seat 35A

Zach’s business partner & good friend is running for our local election. I know he would do a great job! I asked his wife & friend of mine Katie to write a little about him so those who are local can get to know a little more about him. I sincerely hope he wins, I feel like we need more men & women in the government who are truly concerned with what is going on in the world today, not just about pay increases for themselves.
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Josh was born in Ucon and went to school at Bonneville High School.  We met as Juniors in High School, when we were both decorating for a dance.  I would give him pieces of tape to hang up the black plastic, and he would tease and flirt with me.  After that, we dated every week.  We went up to Ricks College for a year, and then he went on a mission to southern Texas, Spanish Speaking.  I went on a mission to Spain, and so there were 3 years that we didn't get to see each other, but wrote back and forth.  When I came home, we were engaged before my homecoming report!  We were married 3 months later and have 5 handsome, wildly energetic, and extremely fun sons.  We love to do anything in the outdoors including fishing, golfing, camping, hunting, swimming, boating, skiing, and motorcycling. 
Josh has always wanted to run for political office.  He loves politics, and he loves our great state of Idaho!  After we were married, we finished our degrees at Idaho State University.  Josh majored in Political Science and History, and earned his teaching certificate.  He taught briefly at Ririe High School, where he was able to observe first-hand both the good and the bad in the Idaho education system.   He  decided to leave his position teaching to grow the cabinet business he started with his brother.  South Fork Cabinets grew to be a large business with many employees.  He also started other related businesses, such as a framing business and a home building business.
Just when things were going great in the building boom, Josh was involved in a severe car crash that damaged his legs and had to have a few surgeries and physical therapy. The poor economy hit at the same time, and we struggled as many of you have also during this period.  At this time, a family friend named Roger Ball, who founded Oil of Melalueca and King B Beef Jerky, approached Josh and asked him to help start JD Premium, a network marketing company.  Josh, with the help of Zach Davis, and others, grew this company from zero into a sales force of over 12,300 distributors and was the CEO of the company.  He then decided he wanted to pursue other endeavors and sold oil and water trailers to those working in North Dakota, Wyoming, and throughout the nation.  Today he and Zach own a business called Black Ink Royalties that sells oil and gas mineral rights.  Their office is in Rigby, right across the street from Broulims.
I believe Josh would be a great representative for our district, because whatever Josh does in life, he gives it his whole heart and soul.  He is hard-working, honest, intelligent, loyal, and giving.  He has lots of experience in business and will strive hard to bring jobs to our area and to our people.  He believes in eliminating government waste and unnecessary spending.  He has studied the constitution and will adhere to its principles.  He believes in state's rights.  He is well-rounded, with experiences in many assets of life including the education system, family, church, business, and the outdoors.  He has been through hard times, and has risen to the top and overcome challenges.  He will not be afraid to fight for what is best over in Boise, and will give it his all.  He is energetic and talented in public speaking, which will give us a voice and represent us well in Boise.  He knows and loves Idaho, and will strive to make Idaho a great example for the whole nation.  He loves his country, and I know he will serve it well. 

On May 15th, I ask you to vote for Josh Anderson for seat 35A, and encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to do the same.  We need your votes! It will not be easy to win this election, as Josh is running against an incumbent of 35 years, many of which she has ran unopposed.  Every vote counts, and it is "time for a new voice for a better future."   We sincerely appreciate the time you take to go out and vote in the primary--we know it is not easy with your busy schedules, children, and work.  Your support means so much to us!  We thank you, and we hope Josh gets the opportunity to serve you in Boise.