May 6, 2012

Here We Go…

I know, where the heck have I been? I think about blogging ALL the time, it just doesn’t fit into my schedule lately. I’ve been thinking about a few things. Let’s get this little item of business checked off the list- COMMENTS.

I’ve decided to disable comments on my blog, not because I don’t like reading your comments but rather so that you don’t feel like you HAVE to comment, rather you can just read and catch up on our life with out feeling guilty or pressured into writing comments. If you want to write a comment to me you can always Facebook me or email me. I really have enjoyed reading everyone’s comments, I hope no one takes offense to me doing this. I’d rather you just read and enjoy seeing what we’re up to, I know we are ALL crazy busy. I love sharing, and will continue to blog whenever time allows me to. Sound okay? I hope so!

I may change my mind in the future but for now this is how I feel.

Okay, moving on. It’s my birthday today. I LOVE birthday’s in fact I love any reason to celebrate- there’s honestly not a holiday I don’t love. ♥ I got golf clubs for my birthday. Pretty fun right? And they are pink. My super cute kids with some help from my favorite boy, go all out and decorate a little for me. It always melts me into a puddle. I love that Miss Brooklyn took an hour cutting out my name for the banner on the mantle and that she is sounding out everything she writes all by herself! ♥ I love that Braxton scribbled all over Optimus Prime – his favorite coloring book might I add, to give to me. I love that Zach took them to the store to pick out flowers, and my favorite snacks. I love my family. I do! Gosh, I’m one lucky girl!




Wow, so many things to catch up on too.

Here’s what’s coming:

March + April in Instagram form- whaaa? Where the heck did they go?!

Spring Break + Easter

My current Faves + Obsessions list

What we are doing for Mother’s Day Gifts- MEM STOP reading now! ;)

The discipline post- what’s working for us right now. key word. right now.

Our Summer Bucket List

And since it was Cinco De Mayo day yesterday- here’s my most favorite Salsa Recipe. It has seriously taken me a few years to perfect it. I’ve combined a couple of our favorite recipes.


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