Oct 11, 2011

Caring Bridge...

Things seem to slowly be looking up for dad. He got quite a bit of rest yesterday. He is still having spasms and they have taken the spinal block out, but he seems to be tolerating the constant pain better, it's just those darn spasms that are hard. He even got up to do physical therapy and sit in a chair for about 20 minutes yesterday. We couldn't believe it! We thought it would be impossible, yet he rose to the challenge! We are SO proud of him!!! They started his chemo treatment today. We just hope and pray that it goes smoothly!

One thing that is great is dad still has his awesome sense of humor. He smiles when he can & makes us all smile too, one nurse came in and asked him if she could get him anything, he quickly replied "Some hair!" He is the best, we love him SO much!

My sweet Aunt Kathy, also set up a site where we can post more regular updates for you, and you can actually write a note of encouragement or well wishes to my mom and dad. :)

I may post here and there on this blog of important milestones and updates but for more regular updates check HERE. You just need an e-mail address and password. It only takes about 30 seconds to log in. You can sign up for e-mails or text messages to get notices as we add updates as well. Thank you again for all of your kindness & support.