Sep 28, 2011

Our River…

I feel like the days rush by like a crazy wild river.  A river that is filled to the brim and bubbling with things like going to the zoo a few more times before summer says goodbye.



Decorating for Halloween.


Here is a little 4x6 printable for you.


A little spider to decorate Miss Brooklyn’s hair. You can get the pattern for yourself HERE.

Go HERE to learn how to curl ribbon (for the spider legs)

Or leave a comment- and I’ll draw a random winner in a few days for one that I made. :)


cute young women


These glasses went with a handout that says


Here are a few handouts I’ve made in the last little while. Nothing spectacular- just super simple.

Temple Marriage Manual 3 Lesson 36

{atatched to a white hanger}


Dating Decisions Manual 3 Lesson 35Pretzel-Handout-000-Page-1  


new recipes from my sweet friend Jodene

{click on the picture for the recipe}



Inspiring Books


Sunshine to my Soul

Watched the Relief Society Broadcast- to read President Uchtdorf’s uplifting words go HERE.


Words of Wisdom

“Every one of us is either a plus or a minus in people’s lives” John C. Maxwell   What are you?



Christmas Shopping- call me crazy but I think I’m about finished!

Looking forward to Conference this weekend!

Speaking of Conference I like to put a little something together for the girls I get to visit with.


It says:

Conference Listening Kit:

notebook & pen: to take notes during conference

kleenex: for those emotional talks

highlighter: to highlight memorable talks in the ensign

popcorn & m&ms: because conference should be just as good as a movie (if not better)

My dad goes in this Sunday night for his second round of Chemo. Thank you to all who have been so kind and keep him in your prayers. We appreciate it more than you will ever know. Those prayers give us strength.


Have a great week!