Aug 22, 2011

Change of Heart Handout…

For the lesson on Sunday I made a few handouts. As always you are welcome to use them. Just right click on the picture and save it to your desk top- the best size to print these are 4x6.

 change-of-heart-handout-000-Page-1 DSCN0184

I gave them out with some heart gummies but if I would have had time I would have made heart shaped sugar cookies to go with them. :)


There were a lot of scriptures in the lesson, so to help keep track of them I made this little banner to go with it.


change-of-heart-handout-001-Page-2 change-of-heart-handout-002-Page-3 change-of-heart-handout-003-Page-4 change-of-heart-handout-004-Page-5 change-of-heart-handout-005-6

I also typed up some fun quotes to go with the lesson.

I printed this as an 8x10.