Jul 29, 2011

Five on Friday…

Well I won’t even tell you how long “blogging” has been on my to do list. Today I have had more on my plate then I can handle… but sometimes that is when you get the most done. Don’t you think? How five things on friday.

1. New pictures of my kids, ordered and hung on my walls! I LOVE them! Thank you Natalie @ Excursion Photography

 01 02 03 03bw  05 06 07    11  13 14    18 19 20

2. We have been busy busy working on adoption paperwork- yes we are wanting to add another little miracle to our home. We have started praying every night for our sweet birth mom. We have already had some beautiful experiences.  :) We won’t officially be up and running for a month or so.



3. I have been changing this cute tray out with each new season/holiday. I love it.


4. Found this Forever Family burlap picture @ Real Deals. Makes me very happy. (I still need to do some rearranging on the shelf and actually hang it up, but you get the idea)


5. Summer time with the kids… more trips to the zoo. water park. lots of hat days cuz we don’t want to fix our hair! :)


DSCN9786 DSCN9840 DSCN9841


We are gearing up for family reunion galore this week! It will be non-stop fun! Hope you are taking time to enjoy your summer too!