Aug 22, 2011

Just Popping In…

Here are a few things I’ve been up to lately. Picking peas & harvesting strawberries from our garden! I LOVE fresh produce!!!


This was a project I did a week or so ago- I took my old nasty knife block and spray painted it black, roughed up the edges & cute vinyl for it. Now it’s not such an eye sore in my kitchen!


Finished reading this book: wow. I recommend it. Opened my eyes & my heart. It’s a beautiful read.

After finding this guy only a couple feet from my laundry room door I sprayed for bugs! EEK!

It was one of the biggest spiders I’ve seen. Ugh. I’m pretty sure this picture is life size.

DSCN0087I’m kind of addicted to thrifting! Here were some of my recent finds. I have been wanting a glass cloche for a while now and I scored 2 in the same day one was $1 the other .75 cents! YAY! Are you wondering what I’m going to do with those ugly plates?


This is what they look like now:

(minus the water spots from the sprinklers)



Don’t you love spray paint?!

I’m still trying to decide exactly where I want them in my kitchen though.

Here’s a reality check for you. This is what my house looked like last week in the middle of preparing for Youth Conference & packing up for our family vacation @ the Salmon River Lodge (I’ll spare you the gory details, and only share the worst spots! EVERY SINGLE ROOM  in the house looked similar to this! Now don’t ever tell me that my house is never a mess ha! Because lately it is more often than not) ;)

  DSCN0130   DSCN0131

This was my motto -

very true! :)

(image found on Pinterest)

We enjoyed this beautiful scenery all weekend. It was perfect.

DSCN0153 DSCN0164 DSCN0154

We got home unpacked a bit and headed back up to the mountains to pick huckleberries!


Only 10 more days left of summer around here. We are going to soak it in and then back to a more scheduled life- hate to admit it but we need one around here. We have given up on bedtimes, eat way to many snacks & have absolutely no clue what we are going to do when we have to get back into a time frame around here. 

Another motto we’ve adopted this summer-

True, but easier said, than done.

(image via pinterest)