Jun 17, 2011


So when I was little my mom used to call me her Jabber-Walkie, because I never stopped talking, I always had something to say! My husband would say things haven’t changed. Recently I nicknamed Brooklyn my Jabber-Walkie, for obvious reasons. Like mother like daughter I guess the saying goes right?

Well it seems like sometimes I just have a lot to share. And I do love to share. Doesn’t it make it 100 x better to watch a movie, share a joke, go shopping or find a killer deal with another person? I guess that’s how I feel about sharing. It makes everything more FUN! :)

Like today, me were driving down this country road, and we have to stop because all these baby skunks & their mommy are crossing it! AHHH! CUTEST thing EVER! SO much more fun because my kids were in the car & I was on the phone with my mom! Fun to share. So I also want a de-scented skunk for a pet now. Seriously. CUTE!

Okay first off super excited about this. Did you see my post a week or so back about the Play Boy Club airing on prime time television this fall? Remember to make your voice heard if you want to help stop it you can see full details here.

Well my sweetest friend Lynn, e-mailed me and told me that already progress is being made… in Utah, KSL will not broadcast it, to see the full article go HERE! How great is that! Lynn reminded me that we can make a difference. Success starts somewhere, and I do hope our local NBC station will follow suit!


Okay, how about this- do you all love a cute font? well I found a couple tonight. and even better. They are free.

Download SF Happiness HERE.


and Ma Sexy Here. 


(doesn’t it look like Heidi Swapp’s handwriting?! loving it.)

So miss Brooklyn had a birthday part to go to this week, we put together a little beach bag for her friend… I went to the dollar store and picked up a little beach bag, flip flops, sunglasses, a water bottle, beach ball, threw in some lip gloss and some cute treats. You could also put sunscreen, a beach towel , nail polish etc. for a fun & inexpensive gift.

I thought it turned out pretty cute.

Another little idea for birthdays:

Give a single cupcake and a card to your neighbor or friend. They also sell individual pieces of cake in most bakeries in the grocery store!


Here are the handouts I made for the lesson this week on Eternal Perspective.


Getting my VT teaching done- Here’s a cute idea I stole from Pinterest!

DSCN9449 DSCN9448

Enjoy your weekend!