May 25, 2011

Just a Few Things On My Mind…

My sister Krystal is selling these darling vintage window panes. You can do so many cute things with them. I thought I’d post it here on my blog because she is posting them on Craigslist soon!

For all the info on them go HERE.




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Also just so you are aware. I sent out an e-mail to some of you already, but I’d love to stop this awful show from ever debuting.

I don't usually take such a stand on issues, but I feel like this is important. We need to learn to stand up for our beliefs and rights.

It has been brought to my attention that this fall NBC will be bringing out a new prime time television show called "Play Boy Club", it is sickening to me that they would even consider projecting pornography and it's horrific affects into each of our homes and such filth so it can be so easily viewed. Here is a link to the show and it's description.

It is my hope that we will take action. Please e-mail your local station. If you are local here is  the info for our General Manager Shelly Goings please e-mail her at with a short message asking her to please take action against the shows debut this fall. Here is the e-mail I wrote, you are welcome to copy and paste it into your own e-mail & forward this so we can get the word out. Let's protect our children & our families.

To Whom It May Concern,

I must say I am sickened by the new Play Boy Club prime time show that is set to come out this fall. Is this what we call good entertainment? I will no longer support NBC if this show does in fact make its debut. I will not put my children at risk to being exposed to pornography by having such filth in my home. I do not believe that our community needs a show like this, especially on prime time. Please take action.


You may also write them a letter if you wish to do so.

KPVI Channel Six

956 Lincoln Avenue
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401


I am struggling to find a healthy balance in life right now. I must admit I am a bit overwhelmed with things I have volunteered myself & time for. I guess it’s time to get back to the basics and focus on my little family. My head spins as I sit her trying to multi task and figure out what should come next. Do you have a hard time saying no? I truly admire those who can keep their lives in balance, but it seems like mine is either a little on the boring side or filled to the brim with a constant stream of to-do’s. I keep repeating the mantra “You can not do everything, but you can do something!”  Life is good! :)


Happy Wednesday Everyone!