Jan 24, 2011


For some reason, last week was crazy. Crazy not in a good /great kind of way. I didn’t have much patience by the end of the week with anyone in my little family. Today I’m feeling really badly about some of the things I said & did. Does that ever happen to anyone else or is it just me? It’s a good thing kids & husbands are so forgiving! I really am SO blessed beyond measure! I am so thankful for my little family who loves me despite my weakness & shortcomings.

I did read this quote just when I needed it:

“it’s not the fingerprints on the wall that need my attention, but the people who put them there.”

Don’t you love that?! Tender mercy. A message for me straight from my Heavenly Father. ♥ wow. miracles. How does He do that?!

Well in order not to repeat such a week as last, here are a few of my goals.

This week I say yes to 6:30am.

I say yes to good thoughts that energize, uplift and encourage me.

I say yes to getting on the elliptical and exercising, & filling our meals with healthy ingredients!

I will say yes to God, & sincere prayer. Yes to reading my scriptures every single day.

I say yes to getting out of my house and into the sunshine!

I say yes to getting things DONE.  To staying with a job, until I’ve seen it through to completion.

I say yes to learning about things that make me joyful.  Yes to a good book!

I say yes yes yes to gratitude. YES to saying THANKS.

I say yes to encouraging others and being a supportive wife and friend.

I say yes to LIFE.

Yes to ME.

Yes to the people and things that energize, inspire and fill my soul with JOY.

I say yes to that trip to the library with the kids, Yes it is still on my to do list. ;)

Yes to listening to the soft promptings of the Spirit.

Yes to serving those around me!

I say yes to more organization in my life.

I say yes to having a really FANTASTIC week!!!

What do YOU say yes to this week?!


{I saw this list HERE, and it resonated so much with me I added and subtracted what I needed to make it my own.}

one little word

And you know what? I have not for the life of me been able to pick my ONE WORD for this year!!! It has been driving me crazy for the last month and a half! I think the problem was I had TOO many options, too many things I need to work on!!! Well when I read this

post I realized YES is my word! Yes to ALL of this and

whatever other adventure this year might take me on. Yes to being more disciplined, Yes to being healthy! Yes to building my confidence level, YES to nourishing my life with things that I love and what matters most to me! YES to the awesome  possibilities this year has to offer me!