Jan 4, 2011

What a Great Day it WAS going to Be…

What a great day it’s going to be! I know I’ve said it before but the fresh start of a new year is so energizing & full of possiblities!

Well the truth is I started writing this post on Monday, today Tuesday started off with a dead car battery, a little girl one hour late for preschool & throw up in the back seat of my car on the way into town.  Life is so crazy and full of ups and downs, but I guess that’s what makes it beautiful.

I wanted to share a few projects that we got done over the holiday. Me and my sisters. {Who I miss already} made these cute necklaces- 


want to make your own? I bought a couple of the kits HERE.

Also, I might as well share my new website obsession: A Side of Peaches. They feature one product a day, like funky one of a kind jewelry, handbags, hair accessories, & more at up to 50-80% off! I like to check it early, since once the product is sold out, it’s gone.

We also finally finished the little boy ties, they turned out SO cute! My little guy wore the one in the middle to church on Sunday! ♥



We also got all of the Christmas taken down, I am always ready for it to be put away. The house feels a bit bare without all the bling. I think the things I miss the most are of course the tree & it’s sparkling lights, I also love the pine boughs on my stair rail.


But in a close second, I miss our wall of greeting cards. It makes me happy to look at so many of our favorite people! And it makes getting the mail so much more fun the month of December!


To fill up some of our already setting in winter blahs, because for the record I am so over this FREEZING cold weather! I found these cute little snowmen! I bought mine, but you can make your own using this tutorial HERE. They make me happy just looking at them! I want to get this quote printed out in vinyl, to set by them. Just like the one in the tutorial.


“May the Sunlight of Faith ever warm your Hearts.”

Gordon B. Hinckley