Jan 6, 2011

Are you feeling a little like this?! lol.
I have to be honest I HATE diets! The only thing that has ever helped me loose weight is eating healthy & exercising! I'm just not  a big fan of fad dieting or yo yo dieting for that matter.
This is the first diet I think I can actually live with! It's all natural & if you want to know more ...

You've got to come to the launch meeting tomorrow to see what JD Premium is all about, and how you can make money, save money, and enjoy healthy, life-changing products you will love!!! The meeting is tonight, Thursday at 7:00 at the Hampton Inn: 2500 Channing Way, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83404.
Some of the things they will be presenting are the new B-Slim weight management system: the corporate staff (as in my husband Zach)  tried it out over the Christmas holidays and they all lost lots of weight, while still eating foods they loved, and not feeling hungry or tired.
Also, the Adapt Energy Drinks--sample them at the meeting! They are delicious, and give you energy that is natural and won't crash you when it wears off.
Also, Premium Tax Advantage--an online computer software program that saves you thousands of dollars each year in legitimate tax breaks for home-based businesses. The day you sign up for JD Premium, and use this program, you can increase your take-home pay from your current employment by HUNDREDS of dollars each month!!! This program was submitted to and approved by the IRS!
I am so excited about all the new products at JD Premium! We will see you tonight at 7:00 at the Hampton Inn!!!

If you aren't from around here, or are curious about JD Premium check us out at www.jdpremium.com/avalanche

Also for the record, I NEVER want to make anyone feel obligated to buy anything that I promote here on my blog. I just like to share the things in my life that have made a difference, or products that I really love. ♥ I promise never to promote anything that I do not 100% believe in & love.