Jan 6, 2011

Control Journal Downloads...

You should be able to right click on any of the Control Journal Pages, save them to your computer and print them out. I am happy to share these pages for free, & hope you enjoy them 
 for your own personal use only.
Also, the digi kit I used to create these files is called Chit Chat by Shabby Miss Jenn Design
{Front Cover of my Binder}
{Back Cover of my Binder}
{1st Section in my Control Binder is my Address Book}

The Next Section in My Control Binder is called {My Weekly Focus}

Monday :: Order

1. FHE
2. Clean House
Wash bedding/clean toilets etc.
3. Meal Plan for the Week
4. Make Weekly Goals
5. Grocery Shopping & Errands

Tuesday :: Happiness

1. Free Day
2. Laundry
3. Craft with Kids
4. Organize Something small

Wednesday :: Beauty

1. Paint toenails
2. Zone Cleaning
(I downloaded my zone cleaning lists HERE.)
3. Read from the Ensign or other inspiring books
4. Light candles and make dinner a little more special
5. Take a bubble bath

Thursday :: Peace & Serenity

1. Paper work/ bills etc.
2. Look ahead to next week, prepare birthday cards etc.
3. go through the house to see if you can make it more welcoming in any way
4. if you feel like it try a new recipe
5. think about serving those around you

Friday :: Abundance & Joy

1. Any errands that need taken care of
2. Look at your budget: What are you spending??
3. Plan Movie Night/ date night or family activity with the kids
4. Make sure you tell your family you love them! Leave a spical note or do something nice for your husband or one of your kids.

Saturday :: Freedom

1. Yard work/ Large jobs
2. think about dinner for sunday
Any last minute trips to the store?
3. Set aside time to play
4. layout church clothes, diaper bag etc.

Sunday :: Spiritual Focus & Love

1. Make it to church on time!
2. Relax
3. Think about issues that our family needs to discuss for FHE on Monday
4. Think about the blessings in your life
5. Visit family


1st day of every month:
Menu plan & look ahead for birthdays of special events
Plan one big project to accomplish during the month
Get visting teaching done
Loot at what you are spending!!

The Next Section in My Control Binder is My {Project List}
Right now on my list of projects I have:

Work on Food Storage
72 Hour Kits
Make a chore chart for my kids
Get a will completed

In the next section
{What I Want}
I keep a list of things I want to buy sort of like a wish list, this reminds me to save my $ for things I really want instead of buying small little things here and there- It's also a great resource around my birthday/Christmas or mother's day for my hubby. Wink*

Riding Lawn Mower
Food Storage Shelves
Outdoor Patio Set
Window Washing Set
New Bedroom Set
Valentine Wreath
 Mindy Gledhill Anchor CD


I also included a page just for a list of  Books I would like to read

Books 2 Read

Next Section would be my perpetual list of Birthdays

I also like THIS birthday calendar if you want a more condensed version.

The last section in my Control Journal is called my
 {911 Section}

I use this template to put phone numbers like building your contact list for emergencies
 my pediatrician's phone number is on it, Poison Control, Our Home Address, and then I have a list of all of our closest neighbors & relatives labeled just as said. I pull this out when I hire a babysitter, that way she has people to contact just in case she can't get a hold of us, she can look at this in case of an emergency and see our home address if she needed to tell the 911 operator etc.

I also leave out a basic first aid paper like this:
Basic First Aid
Nose Bleed: Sit quietly, head forward, press nostrils for 5 mins. If still bleeding, pack nostrils with gauze. Lie down with head up and use cold wet towel on the face. DO NOT BLOW NOSE.
Scratch: Wash using sterile soap and water. Disinfect & use a sterile bandage.
Cut: Control bleeding!  Wash, disinfect, bandage, get help if needed.
Puncture Wound: If wound is penetrated deep (nail) make it bleed. Wash disinfect, bandage, tetanus shot.
Fish Hook Puncture: Push hook through skin until hook is visible, cut off hook, pull remaining wire out. Let bleed, wash, badnage, tetanus shot.
Lacerated or Torn Wound: Wash, disinfect, bandage, if a body part has been separated wrap it in steril gauze & keep cold. Seek medical attention for stitches of wound is deep & lacerated.
Bee Sting: Remove stinger with tweezers. Apply calamine or Benadryl lotion. Watch for anaphylactic shock.
Chigger Bite: Don’t scratch area. Use calamine lotion, Benadryl cream or clear fingernail polish to help with red itchy  bumps. Prevent by wearing long pants while walking through tall grass & weeds.
Tick Bite: Grasp tick with tweezers & pull gently. Check all body parts. Wash with soap & water. Watch for signs of illness. Prevent: long sleeves, long pants tucked in foot wear.
Poisonous Spider Bites:  Get help. Treat for shock, ice pack over bite, keep airway open, resuce breathing if needed. Constricting band.
Animal Bites: Wash bite with soap to remove saliva, disinfect, cover with sterile bandage, consult a doctor for possible rabies.
Snake Bites:  Seek medical attention! Treat for shock, wiash bite, wrap bite snug, but not too tight. Have victim lie down with bitten part lower than the body. Be prepared to give rescue breathing. No long use venom extractor or constricting band.
Poison Ivy, Oak, Sumac: Wash immediately with sopa many times with a thick lather. Do not brush or scrub to prevent further irritation to skin. Use Calamine or Benadrul lotion to decrease itching.

I also have a Child Identification Sheet for each child that I update every 6 months or so.
You can get a free download HERE.

There you have it. All the downloads needed to make your own Control Journal.
Happy Organizing!!!