Nov 12, 2010

A Fancy Nancy Birthday Party…

I’ve had a few e-mails asking me to share the details about Brooklyn’s Fancy Nancy Birthday party, for those of you who don’t know who Fancy Nancy is- she is the main character in a darling series of books! They are seriously so cute, if you have girls- you will want to get a few of these books!

Here is the  invitation that I sent out-


Brooklyn welcomed her cute little friends at the door, and we got FANCY! We painted glitter nails, put on a little makeup and even a splash of pretty pink perfume!

Zach Read the girls Brooklyn’s favorite Fancy Nancy book, which was SO fun! Daddy’s are the best at story time!  We decorated Pink Tiaras & played THIS Fancy Nancy Bingo. The prizes for Bingo were fruit snacks & Princess Silly Bandz.

We decorated Fancy Cupcakes. The girls colored THESE pictures of Fancy Nancy. We opened presents, the girls danced with all their fancy feather boas, and at the end I just let them have play time. I had a lot of fun decorating, the girls got to take home their feather boas, sunglasses, magic wands, fancy necklaces & rings home in their goody bags. Brooklyn’s favorite Fancy Nancy Book right now is called Bonjour Butterfly, and I found the cute gummy butterflies in bulk at Winco. Feel free to e-mail me if you need more info. I’m happy to share Brooklyn’s invitation for the party with anyone as well. This website had a ton of activity ideas & print outs. Good luck hosting your Fancy Nancy Birthday Party! :)


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Dad reading us my favorite Fancy Nancy Book!




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