Oct 4, 2010

Oh hi…

oh hi! Yes. Did you even remember that I had a blog? I obviously didn’t. ha! I’ve been meaning to post for well… about 2 or maybe it’s been 3 weeks now! Here is just  a little of what I’ve been up to:
Got my hair cut LONG over due!, I’m loving it… Please tell me I don’t look like a poodle when I wear it curly Q! I know. I do.  :(
Girls Weekend Week (Our little girls weekend turned into a full on week of crafts and giggling and spending time together!) It was much needed! I LOVE my sisters & family! And since we are getting more spread out we never get to spend enough time together!
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IMG_0402 IMG_0395 IMG_0401
Here are the crafts we ended up doing. And a link to the tutorials so you can do them too!
Here is my twist on the popular fabric pumpkins!
Tutorial found HERE.
Felt flowers- Learn how to make your own HERE.
{cute colors of felt squares can be found at Michael’s Craft or JoAnne’s Fabric store}
These silk flowers! (I’m sort of LOVING all these flowers,to put in my hair, on purses, belts, & cute little cardigans and sweaters!)
Make your own silk flowers HERE.
My mom & Angie helped did most of this project, I saw a picture of one online somewhere, but thought we could figure it out. I LOVE how it turned out! Spooky little table runner for October! ♥
We put up Halloween decorations. Don’t  you love doing the black and orange combo?! I keep my holiday decorations so super simple. Here are a few of my favorite spots in the house.
DSCN7139 DSCN7132 DSCN7133
DSCN7135  DSCN7138 DSCN7140

Another thing that has been keeping us busy is our yard! It looks awesome and I can’t take any credit for it, other than raking up all the stinking rocks!  (thanks to my super man husband), he laid it all out & worked hard on it!) Now it is all finally paying off here is a sneak peak:


Trying to figure out what to wear for family pictures, always a chore isn’t it?! We are scheduling them with this amazing photographer!
LOVE her!!!
She did some of my kid’s Halloween pictures last year
IMG_3677 copy IMG_3692 IMG_3734
Another highlight of my month:
The Relief Society Broadcast.
Are you curious what a Prophet of God would say to women of today?


And General Conference as well! Spiritually fed for sure.

Can you smell that? YUM! I ♥ when I have a good crock pot dinner ready to go! I’m trying out Sherelle Christensen’s Slow Cooker Chicken Pot Pie! For the recipe go HERE.


More tutorials will be coming! I don’t have time to finish this whole post like I wanted. Hopefully I will be back soon! I have Recipe Group with the Cookin’ Mama’s this week, and a fun Relief Society Activity too! Hint: “Chicken Soup for the Soul” with a guest speaker on “The Myth of Perfection”. Should be awesome!
Hope your week is AWESOME too!
And What the heck, let’s have a little give-away, if you want one of those cute felt flowers then let me know and I’ll send you a couple of the little cuties!