Sep 15, 2010


I’m starting  THIS  business class tonight with a good friend of mine! Woot! Very excited!!
Gearing up for a girls weekend with my sisters & mom too! Talk about EXCITING! Crafts, yummy food, and good laughs for sure!
{Clearly we need a new picture this was taken like 2 years ago! }
Okay this is also something I learned lately. Do you know who Blair Singer is? I’ve read a few of his books and love them. My favorite being:
This is an exercise he taught us at a seminar I attended a few weeks ago. I believe if you do this every single day something magical will come into your life! ;) Even if it’s just a better attitude about life!
Every day when you get up and meditate/ read your scriptures/ whatever works for you… answer these questions:
1. What is your goal for the day?
2. What am I willing to give to others today?
3. List 10 things I am grateful for right now.
4. What are you grateful for that someone else has done for you?
5. What am I happy about right now?
then that night before you go to bed look over your list and answer these questions.
1. How did I do on my goals today?
2. What can I improve on or add value to?
3.What am I happy about right now?
This shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes morning & night.
Isn’t that awesome? Great way to center yourself!
I was also reading up on one of my favorite blogs. Becky Higgins.
{image courtesy google}
I found this very helpful especially while being so busy lately. EVERYONE is so busy, so I thought I’d share!
This is what someone was asking her-
Q: How do you find the time to do everything? I’m a working mom and feel like I never have enough time. I bet you don’t watch TV, huh? Is that the answer?

A: You’re a smart woman and exactly right. I hardly watch TV. I wouldn’t say I never watch it. It’s just incredibly limited. I absolutely rely on my toddler’s naps and my kids’ bedtime. I recharge with regular date nights with the hubby. I try to cut out anything in my life that doesn’t fit into one of these categories: essential, enriching, serving. Being overcommitted isn’t all that fun. But being busy and serving and doing … that’s all good. I try not to multi-task if I can help it. I struggle with that, but I’m working on it. I also use iCal to keep all of my commitments organized.

I LOVE her answer. I especially love what I bolded. I find myself never saying no to anything, and that is just plain stupid on my part. I get over whelmed, and high strung. I know my family doesn’t like me when I’m that stressed out, and the worst part is I do it to myself. SO…I am trying to be better about it, and I want this to be my new motto.
Hope you are loving today!