Jul 10, 2010

Summer Lovin’…

First off I’d better wish my honey a HAPPY BIRTHDAY for all to see in blog land! hee-hee, Actually he’d probably gag, if he knew I was wishing him a happy birthday on my blog! ;) He turned 30 and I had a good time harassing him about it. This is what I took into his office on his birthday…along with some balloons and this fun list I hung up in his office too!

Top 10 Reasons it’s COOL to be 30!
10. Thirty is the new twenty
9. I am half way to the senior discount at the movie theatre
8. I’m still 20 years away from my first prostate exam
7. No one throws you a big party when you turn 29
6. At least my wife is still in her 20’s J
5. I can tell my kids I was around when Michael Jackson was alive
4. Getting older is an excuse for playing bad golf… right?
3. People naturally take you more seriously when you are in your 30s
2. Instead of stressing about acne, I can stress about wrinkles and white hair
1. I’m still the coolest guy in the room
I also wanted to introduce you to some fun blogs, this one is for all you locals…
Cute new blog, updating us with all the fun things going on around our area!
Also… you HAVE to check out my BFF and her cute headband creations! These are all the rage. I’ve made a bunch of my own, but they just aren’t quite as cute as Kate’s & sometimes it’s just more fun to  buy them! She has ALL kinds!
IMG_5998 IMG_5989 IMG_5994 
Also, here is a fun little tip for you all… I am a little obsessed with a clean car, mostly meaning it is vacuumed out inside, and smelling yummy! Once in a while someone will spill things in the cup holders… {I hate sticky messes}, do you want to know the easiest way to get it clean? Pop the rubber cup holders out and throw them in the dishwasher! Brand spanking new! Why didn’t I think of that sooner?!!