Jun 14, 2010

Happy Dance…

Okay, I think I’m getting caught up here! I also wanted to tell you about {because I can’t keep something this good to myself}, something that makes me very happy. It may be kind of WHAT. EV. to you, but if you have hard water… like we do… very hard water! Sometimes it can wreak havoc on your dishes. Just try this… no more hard water stains on your dishes! YEAH!!!
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Do I sound like an info-mercial?! I seriously love this stuff though.
These little cuties:
I just bought them on Etsy right HERE & I can’t wait to pin them on a purse or jacket, or wear them in our hair! They make me happy!
Picked up two summer reads, already started this one, very educational!
Hope this one is good!
Next on my list:
On the cruise I was introduced to many new and delicious food. One thing that I really loved on the menu, was Strawberry Bisque, {it’s a cold soup}
For the recipe go here.
Super summery & refreshing!
Other things to get done this week:
Put this together so maybe, just maybe we can enjoy it for the next two days, before it is supposed to rain again! ha! :)
We are hopefully going to get our sprinkler system in the yard this week, and then planting grass after that! It’s pretty exciting to see all the progress. I think the kids might miss the piles & piles of dirt around here, but I will not! ;)
Hope you each find something this week
that makes YOU happy too!