Jul 27, 2010

Mouse in the house…

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It’s Tuesday & it’s already been one heck of a week! Love that. OR NOT. I try not to be negative, but sometimes, you just gotta break down, shed some tears, cancel your to do list and take a nap! :) Do you mind if I vent?!

We layed sod on Saturday, {THANK YOU ALL WHO HELPED! WE HAVE THE BEST FAMILY EVER!!!} and that made for a LONG weekend, I’m blaming all of this emotional mess on lack of sleep- and that’s my disclaimer!
First off I had some appointments I had to be at early Monday morning so we were already hurried and I left the house a mess, I HATE doing that!!! It drives me insane actually I wish more than anything I wasn’t one of those psycho people  but I am. So when I got home I was super rushed, we just sold our last home, and they called to say the keys weren’t working in the door! Plus a super sweet neighbor had asked us to come over for a BBQ, I hadn’t made my salad yet or picked up our chicken. I was racing around my messy house feeling very chaotic and crazy. I went down stairs to put something away when I notice we have a mouse in our window well,
it had chewed through the screen and was now stuck in between the windowpane & screen, so I start tapping on the glass thinking he will move back out through the hole, it starts to work so I tap a little harder and then CRASH! The whole dang window shatters!
Now the mouse is free to come in- but luckily he didn’t- I have this gash in my arm that is fairly deep so I am stuck trying to decide do I go kill the mouse- or take care of my bleeding wound and go get stiches?! I finally get the wound to stop bleeding, call Zach & have a meltdown- he runs the keys to the new home owners, I go get the chicken & finish my salad and we end up being an hour late for our BBQ. I check on the mouse later that night and he’s still there huddled in the corner of the window well, I sort of even feel bad for the little guy. They are kinda cute. Then later the next day I go out and the mouse is gone… I start thinking what the heck? There is no way he could get in and not shatter the rest of the window down is there? I go inside and here Brooklyn screaming at the top of her lungs for me! MOM THERE IS A MOUSE COME & KILL IT- all while standing on the kitchen table and having a mild break down of her own. To make the rest of the story a little bit shorter- I chase the mouse around the house, corner it and then I killed him with my BROOM, no less!! I’m a dang mouse murderer! I was so ticked off that I didn’t just do it the night before, now I am sanitizing wherever I think he might have been. I am feeling a bit better since I haven’t found a single mouse dropping though! Oh and my wrist wound is healing pretty well too.
Cory Finn who built our house is coming over to SAVE me from another mouse meltdown and putting in a new window! I’m totally going to make a plug for him! He seriously does awesome work & will even save you from a mouse! If you need a custom home then I suggest you call him! Cory Finn Construction (208) 745-1363
We did get to go to the Blue Angels Air show too… AWESOME!

Also wanted to tell you about my good friend Christine’s new site called Chrissy Lee Creations
She is doing a give-away for one of her Halloween dolls!
I have bought two different dolls from her, and they are DARLING!!! Not to mention she is the sweetest, most service-oriented, giving & talented woman I know! 
Even better is all her proceeds are going towards adopting a sweet little one of her own! Hooray! We ♥ adoption!!!

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Two new fashion trends I’m lovin’
These are SO awesome! What a great idea for those skirts that are just barely too short! Or just for flare they are so cute!

Also wanting to try out one of these:
My cute friend Leslie told me about these!
Don’t you think it would be nice to get rid of the bulk that you get with alot of undershirts? Found at http://www.shadeclothing.com/
Last but not least… Trying to sell this Beautiful truck- If you really want details e-mail me & I’ll get you the 411.

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