May 5, 2010

Random Ramblings…

Hello! {If anyone still reads my little blog} I know,I don’t blame ya one bit. I haven’t been great about being interesting and updating this blog more. I have plans to do so… and maybe even do a blog remodel? Who knows, it’s just at the bottom of one of my crazy to-do lists that I like to make. I’ve been thinking about this world we live in… about you my friends. What goes on in all of your lives? What does your day look like today? Is it happy? Are you struggling or sad? I hope you are all happy. REALLY happy.
Today, I went tanning, {I am in desperate need of some vitamin D… even if it’s fake!}, my mom came to watch my kids. I love her. I mean REALLY love her. I’ve been thinking about families alot lately. Wishing my sisters all lived within driving distance so we could get together and talk-talk-talk, giggle and get a pedicure. My heart is full of love for my favorite man in the world. Zach. He sacrifices so much for our little family. He is such an awesome dad and is good at everything he does. I worry about him balancing it all… not sure how he does it, because I don’t think I could. Work is demanding and going to be even more so in the upcoming months. I miss him already. There is nothing better than snuggling up to that one person who makes your heart burst with joy when he kisses the back of your neck. Mmmm.
Loving these sweet kiddos of mine too. Where is the time going? Soon they won’t want to make forts in the living room, watch Disney movies and play all day long with me.
DSCN5629 DSCN5628
What should our next move be? Another adoption? More infertility treatments? Or is this it? Is our family complete?
So grateful for my faith. Where would I be without it? For my Father in Heaven. For His unconditional love for me and each of us. I want so badly to be able to love like Him. LOVE, Everyone & Everything! Do you ever catch those tiny glimpses of His love? Do you see it in your everyday life? I do. I hear giggles from sweet sweet kids. I watch Zach, my father in law and brother in law out in the yard, helping each other put in endless hours of work for each other. As I type… my brother in law is out my window spreading dirt around our yard.
{has been for a few hours now!}
The Lord’s love is so evident in my life, and I’m betting it is in yours too.
Do you read Nie? Have you seen this video? If not take the time to watch it. She is an inspiration. Truly a masterpiece. She’s got it figured out I think.
Life is busy… somedays we feel like we are enduring, or in that same old same old routine.
Because of our routines we
forget that life is an ongoing
adventure. -Maya Angelou
So why not break out of your comfort zone and fly? Hope you do something new and exciting this week, or just get to sit back and reap the benefits of YOUR beautiful life!