Apr 26, 2010

Calling All Angels…

Saturday night I made these cute little “S’more Kits” to take into the young women’s at church. I just got called to be the “assistant girls camp director”, it’s crazy really… since I don’t really have a camping bone in my body! haha. We needed to get their release forms back, so I thought it would be cute to have a little handout to get them excited about it. I think they would be cute for a number of little party favors or handouts!
042510 025
I also wanted to brag just a tiny bit… is this not THEE cutest little lady bug drawing! My sweet little 4 year old drew this! I think she’s pretty darn creative & artistic! Makes me smile every time I walk by the fridge!
042510 013
And I also wanted to tell you about something my little sister Angie is doing… It’s been almost one year since she gave birth to our sweet angel baby Jayden. In honor of him she is doing a service project:
This is what she says:
“Ok, so I have an idea for a service project I want to do and you are more than welcome to participate in it with me. My son Jayden’s 1 year birthday is on May 30 and I wanted to do something in honor of him. This song is what I want to call the service project:
"Calling All Angels"
I’ve decided to donate BABY BLANKETS to a local hospital, shelter, or wherever (I haven’t really decided where I can/want to yet).
If you want to help, you can donate a blanket or blankets by making or buying them and bring them to me and I will take them to the place I find to donate them. There are no specifications for the blankets on what size, type of material, etc.
I’m leaning towards a hospital particularly a NICU for premature babies as I know how meaningful the blankets I have of Jayden’s are. It is something physical I was able to  take home with me and that I can pull out and hold when I’m missing him.
I’ll be donating the blankets near his actual birthday and wanted to give you a heads up so if you wanted to participate that you would have enough time to. If you don’t live near me you can mail them to me or drop them off at my parents house.”
If you have questions you can visit Angie’s blog or contact one of us via e-mail: angie(dot)guymon(at)gmail(dot)com or sunshineinmysoul_33(at)yahoo(dot)com
Thank you in advance! I know this means the world to Angie! She is one tough little lady! I admire her so much! Her heart is breaking, yet instead of pulling inside herself she reaches out to others in need. She is one of my heroes! ♥