Jun 12, 2010

Summer Bucket List…

Well, if our Summer does ever happen to show up, we will be ready and waiting! I wanted to make a list of things to do with the kids this summer. 

Go to the Splash Park
Ride a Ferris Wheel
Visit the Zoo
Visit at least one national park
Go miniature Golfing
Go get square ice cream cones
Go to the Drive in Movies
Run through the Sprinklers
Go to the Lake
Visit the art Museum
Join the library summer reading program
Go to the Farmer’s Market
Wash the Cars at home
Go for a bike ride
Plant flowers
Make Fresh Lemonade
Feed the Ducks
Do a craft or 2
Roast Marshmallows
Have a BBQ with Friends
Look at the stars
Bake a treat or 2
Pick flowers
Try a new restaurant
Paint Rocks
Take a nature hike
Blow bubbles
Go to the Free Movies @ the Theater
Have a slumber party
Go to the park & have a picnic
Eat lots of popsicles
Go to Bear Lake
Walk the Green Belt
Go to Cherry Hill

Hope we can get to all of them! What will you  be doing this Summer?