Nov 22, 2009


Zach’s newest x-box game prompted the title (I LOVE that boy, he’s making dinner while I do this and that never happens, so I’d better ENJOY!) I really do have some great excuses for not blogging lately! This is what the last few weeks have consisted of:

Zach out of town- ALOT
Brooklyn’s Birthday
Out of town Company visiting us :)
Lots of trips to town
trying to organize!
Dance Class

And coming up:
Going to see New Moon!
Temple Trip
My little sister’s bridal shower
Black Friday!
Recipe Group hosted at my house
Zach & I’s Anniversary
5 fun little Christmas Parties
Girls Weekend in Utah
Little sisters wedding

Whew! I’m already exhausted!
I have had such a great year, I mean GREAT!
But I have to say I’m excited to get back to some normalcy!
So no more excuses, let’s get back to business…
I actually feel like it’s Christmas every day when I wake up in my new house! EEK! I’m LOVIN’ it!

Here are a few of my favorite spots in the house!
#1 The Fireplace is definitely a favorite! I make me a cup of hot cocoa every morning, sit in front of it and enjoy the peace and quiet before the day starts!
112209 029
#2 This little shelf was FUN to decorate!
112209 035

#3 I’ve had these cute little letters for about 2 years now, waiting to have somewhere to put them! ♥
112209 030

I’ll be back to show you around a little more, I also want to share a few Thanksgiving ideas with you all over the next few days.

What are YOUR Thanksgiving traditions? I want to start some new ones, so PLEASE share!
Hope you are all having a cozy evening!