Nov 25, 2009

Live in Thanksgiving Daily {Alma 34:38}…

We don’t have many traditions for our little family on Thanksgiving, we are still trying to build some, mostly it’s just a day of reflecting on our many blessings, spending time with our families, and eating great food! I am always overwhelmed with gratitude and it’s always a holiday that I look forward to. I truly am so blessed.

Here are a few ideas I’ve seen around that I hope to incorporate into our day this year.
For the Kiddie Table… because we ALL know how important it is to keep them busy and happy thus keeping everyone else sane! ;)
LOVE this, they can draw until their little hearts are content!
There are coloring sheets and cute
“I am thankful for…” leaves you can print out too!
A few other ideas those sweet little blessings in our lives!
This is what we did for Family Home Evening on Monday, we made these cute little turkey’s by tracing our hands and feet, then we talked to the kids about being thankful and what Thanksgiving is all about. They loved it!
DSCN4511I’m also debating which one of these treats to whip up for them to have fun with. I like the rice krispie treat balls best, but am leaning more towards the cookies, since we have 1 year olds and I don’t believe in giving one year olds violent weapons. ;) y_1812 
Go HERE for the Recipe! rice%20krispy%20treat%20turkeys
This is the ONLY thanksgiving decor I put up this year!
I think this is SO funny! LOVE these place cards!
{can’t remember where I saw this… if anyone knows, leave a comment and I’ll put the credits on}
I wish I had time to share more, but if I don’t get off of here, I’ll be late for an appointment! Hope you all enjoy your many blessings and have a safe and cozy Thanksgiving!!!