Oct 16, 2009


Someday my purse won’t look like this anymore… and you know what? I’ll probably miss it.
On a side note, you see that little can in there? It’s an itty bitty version of this:
I have been carrying it around with me, just in case they don’t have any sanitizing wipes next to the shopping carts…
It has been SO very convenient and with all this talk of H1N1 flu, it’s gotten me a bit paranoid. How are you all handling it? Are you getting your kids vaccinated?
We were exposed to it last week, and the hubs works with a doctor. He told us to get our kids on a high dose of Vitamin D. So that’s what we did. It’s supposed to boost their immune systems. I stalked up on the stuff. This is where I got mine from. It’s called SOL-RD Vitamin D3. I really think it’s helping already. Plus I get a little bit of seasonal depression, and I’m hoping this will fix it for me as well. Anyway, just thought I’d share.
{Edit: TO ANSWER SOME QUESTIONS: I just break the pills open, and put it in my kids' drinks. They can't taste it at all. You can get the mini cans of lysol near the checkout stands of most places like Target, Walmart etc.} More ?s you are more than welcome to e-mail me! :)
Hope you are all enjoying your FRIDAY and this delightful fall weather we are having!