Oct 16, 2009


Do you ever have a weekend that you wished would never end?! My weekend was one of those. We took the family to Yellowstone, I thought we would just drive through the park a bit, have our picnic and head home, we didn’t get home until around midnight! The park was breathtaking! The kids were way more patient with the driving around than I ever imagined!

yellowstone09 006
yellowstone09 067
yellowstone09 075
yellowstone09 084
yellowstone09 091
We saw buffalo, elk, and even a BEAR! We couldn’t have timed it more perfectly!
yellowstone09 112
yellowstone09 139
The grizzly bear was only about 100 yards from us! (Of course we stayed in the car), but it was so cool! I’ve never seen a bear in the wild. The park ranger had to blow his whistle and get people herded back into their cars, he was yelling, don’t get closer or you will get a ticket! ha! {My mom will probably die when she reads this!} Don’t worry we were safe & cautions mem! :)
yellowstone09 123
yellowstone09 059
What is it about being out in nature that makes you feel so connected with Heavenly Father, with each other, and the world?
I feel so renewed and peaceful. I am so grateful for the life I have and I’m grateful for all of you for being apart of it.