Oct 18, 2009

Very Precious Moments…

Well I’ve had this sudden urge to SIMPLIFY my life. In the past couple of weeks, although we have been extremely busy with house plans, dance lessons, daily life, new babies, friends & family… I have had these precious moments that overtake me completely. For instance…
I was busy rushing around the kitchen, fixing dinner with Brooklyn at my side helping me, and talking on the phone with Grandma. Grandma said to me, it’s really quiet at your house, what are the kids doing? I looked in Brooklyn’s direction, and saw her stirring the spaghetti sauce for me, wearing only her underwear and a pair of fairy wings. For a minute I paused and thought I might cry. I thought to myself, look how perfect this moment is. I forgot all about the craziness, and just enjoyed watching her. She is growing up right before my eyes, and I don’t want to miss these sweet little girl moments. I love that she has such a large imagination, I love that she likes to help me in the kitchen, I love that she has not a care in the world. She is so beautiful and I am so very grateful to be her mom. Watching her tonight was a little slice of heaven.
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Another moment of sweetness… watching my two boys work on our the house together. Braxton was in awe watching his daddy create something with his own two hands. I looked out the frame of the door, just in time to catch a glimpse of Braxton staring up at his daddy with those BIG BLUE eyes, in complete adoration. Loving that his dad would let him be apart of something so important. My heart swelled with love for both of these two boys. Sometimes I don’t feel worthy of such a beautiful life. I do not know what else could make my life so utterly complete.
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To some these may seem like very small and unimportant things, but to me, they mean everything.
I have also had a few more thoughts about blogs racing through my head. Why do we write them? How much time should we really let them consume? I have made so many beautiful new friends through blogging, I don’t want that to end. I am truly a better person because of all of YOU! Should I go private? Do we need more privacy in this crazy world? Should I stop blogging? Should I take the comment section off my blog, that way no one has to feel obligated to leave me a comment, thus giving us all more time to enjoy our lives? … do you all live for comments or are they unimportant to you? Do you feel like you write the same things over and over when leaving a comment? What makes you leave a comment on someone’s blog?
Do you worry about your family's privacy?
I personally love to read each and every comment I get, but I also get feeling guilty if I do not have the time to return the favor to all of you. I am struggling to keep up with facebook friends, blogging friends, e-mail and daily life. How do you all do it? What is your solution? How do you suppose I should find this great balance in life? Any feedback would be much appreciated!
Hope each and everyone of you is enjoying these delicious fall days!