Dec 10, 2008


Hello! I have SO much to share! I La-la-LOVE December! So many happy & fun things going on! First off, will you scrap booker's please go right over HERE to help a cute little girl with Cystic Fybrosis. It's so simple, and I'm sure will mean so much to her! I'm getting a package ready for her right now! Second look at this, SO cute! Brooklyn, Krystal & I made these snowflakes on Sunday. They were super easy, made out of q-tips! Brooklyn loved the glitter part of it! You can find the instructions RIGHT HERE.
Oh I need to post my Recipe for Recipe Extravaganza #4
Egg Nog Bundt Cake
1 yellow cake mix (preferably with pudding in the mix)
3 T. flour2 c. eggnog¼ c. butter, softened
2 eggs, slightly beaten
¼ tsp. rum extract
1/8 tsp. nutmeg
Beat until smooth and creamy. Pour into greased bundt pan. Bake at 350 for 35-45 minutes. Dust lightly with powdered sugar for presentation.
Caramel sauce:
½ lb brown sugar (~1 1/8 c.)
½ lb butter½ lb powdered sugar (~2 cups)
½ T. cinnamon
½ qt. rich vanilla ice cream
Melt together over medium heat. Pour warm over individual servings immediately before serving.
And a few more reasons why I LOVE blogging: Look what I won over atBecky's Craft Closet
These CUTE earrings! Becky is one of the sweetest most crafty and talened girls I know!

Also, I was checking my bloglines the other day and saw my friend Ann-Michelle had posted some of her Christmas decorations. I had to leave her a little comment, because she has the Pottery Barn Christmas stockings that I think are SO cute. (I have been eyeing, since Brooklyn's first Christmas! ) Well a while later I was checking my e-mail and I get a little note back from Ann-Michelle saying she has two extra stockings, I guess there was a mix up with her order and she wanted to know if I wanted them!
I was SO excited. I mean REALLY excited! When I went to get them, I couldn't believe how sweet she was. I even offered to pay her for them, and she wouldn't let me!
I won another give-away on Shaela's Blog, you've got to check out her scrapbooking, she is SO creative! She sent me these darling cards & CUTE stamps! (By the way, she has an Etsy Shop,where you can find all of her handmade gifts!) We need more people in the world like Ann-Michelle & Becky & Shaela! Thank you SO much girls!! I feel like I've already had Christmas at my house! :)
We have a Christmas Party to go to tonight.
I'm excited. I like white-elephant gifts I know, I'm silly but I think the more crazy and out there the better! I can't post the two I'm doing just yet... but they crack me up!
So stay tuned...
I need to make a goal to blog once a day, then I could get caught up!