May 14, 2008

Our life today...

So I had so much fun with that little survey over there in the right hand corner of my blog. So fun to see people's opinion's about music on blogs. It was pretty split right straight down the middle, some of you like it and some do not. Me personally, I like it. I like to have it playing if I'm scrapbooking or doing something else on the computer. I admit, sometimes it bugs me too though. So for now, I think I'll leave it on, since autoplay did win by 5 votes. lol. I think I'll start putting random polls up just for fun! Thanks to all who voted! Today has just been one of those stay in my PJ's and no make up days. I don't have many of these, but today has been one. It's been nice. I have had a bit of insomnia this week, so the late nights haven't helped any either, and I wake up so tired. I have made great use of my late nights though, and no I haven't been checking bloglines or surfing the Internet. wink. I've been reading Cane River... have any of you read this book as well? Man, it is really making an impact on me. I wasn't expecting it to make such an impression. I just can't imagine people being so cruel to other human beings. What made them think that slavery was okay? I just can't seem to wrap my brain around it all. I'm only half way through it and I'm hoping it's a happy ending, but I'm not counting on it, since this is real life. I've also been scrap booking. I ordered some more pictures from Snapfish and they should be here the beginning of next week. I'm almost caught up again on the kids albums. My kids are growing up right before my eyes, I love to catch those little moments in their scrapbooks. I hope they enjoy their books as much as I do. haha. :) I have card club tomorrow. SO excited, I'll have to post some of the cards I get. It's a Father's Day theme. We are all getting to busy, and so this is our last one together. Bummer. Oh, we've also been staying home ALL week, even though I need a few groceries etc, it is going to have to wait. Since Brooklyn broke her arm, she stopped wanting to potty train. So... we let it go and are starting from scratch again this week. I called Zach's aunt who has a day care. She is the PRO at potty training and she gave me some very helpful tips. I'm going to post them, in case I need them again when it's Braxton's turn. :) It's sure working for Brooklyn!! Although I'm going a bit stir crazy, it will be worth it when I don't have two little ones in diapers anymore! Aunt Gwynn's Potty Training Tips:

  1. No pull ups, EVER! They are too much like diapers and the kids know it.
  2. Take child every hour to the potty just to try.
  3. You know if a child is physically ready to potty train if they can wake up from a nap dry.
  4. For one week leave the child's underwear off, put a dress on them or lrg. T-shirt etc. if you don't want them running around completely naked. This sounds funny, but this is key, since once the child has one or two accidents they figure out that they HATE it trickling down their leg.
  5. Reward with a small treat every time the child goes in the toilet or if you don't like candy, use stickers etc.
  6. Use lots of praise!
  7. If you can watch closely and catch the child, take them straight to the potty to finish.
  8. When they do have an accident, show no emotion, just take them straight to the toilet and say Oh, here is where we go potty.
  9. It takes most children a longer time to go without wetting the bed at night, so it is okay to still put them in a diaper at night time.
  10. If you do have to go out on an errand, keep it short (an hour tops) and no wearing diapers. You may have to use a public bathroom, sometimes this scares the child though. (Just for the first week.)
She said it usually does not take longer than 2 weeks using this method for a child to be potty trained.
I know everyone has their own way of doing it, this has just been working really well for us. I know that each child is different. :)
I saw a couple of fun websites on Tip Junkie ... and thought I'd share Simply Creative
, so fun, especially if you like craftiness!
Baby Steals, they have a new product each day that is marked way down off the original price, who doesn't love a good deal? Okay, I'm off, maybe I can finish Cane River, oh wait, it's time to make dinner. I am wishing I had time to make
This even though I just had it on Saturday... Thanks for the recipe Jessi! It's SOOOO good!