Apr 8, 2008


So last Tuesday, I did a little more scrap booking here are a few pages I got done... I have decided to to my family album using digital scrap booking and the kids albums I am going to continue to do using paper and traditional embellishments, I enjoy both kinds, however a reminder that I am super simple, I'm not one to fuss about a page looking just right and my main goal is to stay caught up and preserve the memories for myself (so to most of you these pages will be fairly boring) I also got caught up with our laundry, as boring as it may sound, this is a huge accomplishment for me as Braxton is a spitter-upper! So we do allot of laundry throughout the week! haha. :) There's nothing like an empty laundry basket to make me happy! Next on the list was to wipe out and organize the kitchen cabinets... that's nice to have done. I also downloaded and watched lesson 3 of the New Earth Class I'm taking online... anyone else taking it as well?? I'm way behind in it, but I am really finding it fascinating! I also had some work to do for our Families Supporting Adoption group, if you are in the area and want to get to know others who have adopted... let me know! It's a great group of people and we get together monthly for activities etc. :) We have met some great friends through FSA. Braxton had a height and weight appointment, he's a little chunk! He's at that perfect little bag of sugar stage, where they just fit so well right in your arms and are SO much fun to cuddle with and hold! He now weighs 11 lbs. 15 oz. and is 27 inches tall. I take a picture of him by this bear each month, so here are a few pics to compare...it's so fun to see how much they grow each month.

We also played a little outside, it didn't last too long, since it was pretty chilly, but it was nice to be outdoors getting some fresh air!
Zach & I are taking the kids swimming tonight, Brooklyn is so very excited! :) She's been asking to put on her swimming suit since daddy told her that we were going! Wouldn't it be fun to be 2 again?!