Apr 12, 2008

Broken Bones & pedicures...

So, my week has gotten more and more out of control. lol. First I'll post what I did last weekend.
Friday, I cleaned out my scrapbook room and got ready for Activity Days, I used this cute idea... got my visiting teaching done and also made Brooklyn these new bows. On Saturday we watched General Conference... sooo good! I have seen so many posts about Elder Ballard's amazing talk,about young mother's, I loved it too! Then while all the guys were at the Priesthood session, my cute mom had all of us girls over and both of my grandma's for a little girl time! It was so much fun. First off look how cute she set her table... (she always has a beautiful table setting whenever we are over for dinner!) We used to tease her about it, but now, I want my table to look just like hers it's so fun! We ate this delicious Cornbread Salad, it was light but very filling, and for dessert we had Chocolate Chip Torte you can find both recipes Right Here I love the colored sugar on the glasses too... this is so fun whenever you are hosting little dinner parties etc. All you have to do is spread a little Karo Syrup on a flat surface, dip the top of the glass in it lightly, fill a bowl with sugar and add desired color of food coloring into it, mix well and dip the glass in it. Fun! Okay, I'd better stop giving tutorials, or we are never going to get through girls night... after dinner, my mom had bought everything to do pedicures, we all soaked our feet in peppermint & pomagranat oil, and used pumice stones to get the dry skin off our feet, then we painted each other's toe nails, can you believe my grandma is going to be 81 this year and she has never once painted her toe nails!? It was SO much fun for us to pamper her a little!! It was so much fun to spend some time with my favorite girls, thanks mom!! (and as I'm uploading these pics, I just realized there's not a single on of my mom! She'll be glad, but I'll get her on here soon enough!)