Feb 15, 2012

Our life in Instagram form January Edition…

IMG_0070 early morning hugs.

volunteering in Brooklyn’s classroomDSCN0875     DSCN0881 

play dough. they can spend hours doing this!  Picture 013 

our rescued kitty yummy. we L♥VE her! Picture 015

obsessive compulsive? don’t answer that. I L♥VE vacuum lines in my carpet! Picture 016

gotta get moving more! Picture 017

a favorite snack of ours!Picture 018

liver cleanse. feels good! Picture 019

a fresh new box of crayons.Picture 023

Ruby Red. Breakfast most days.  Picture 024

flowers from a sweet friend. Picture 026dishes. oh how i wish they weren’t apart of my life! :) Picture 027 new mug for my collection. We have been drinking Calli tea almost every night.Picture 028 undone projects…Picture 029 project life catching up.Picture 030 Trying to complete some Family Home Evening Kits…Do you see a theme here? Lots of UNDONE projects?!!!   Picture 034 Part of the super hero squad… Batman, no Spiderman?!! ♥ this boy.DSC_0357a few January decorations from last month. DSC_0371 DSC_0372 DSC_0373  Lost tooth #2!  DSC_0428   Curled up with a good book one cozy afternoon.                IMG_0086we love to get our groove on with Just Dance! IMG_0087 This is what Braxton does 80% of his days… hangs with the Super Hero Squad!  IMG_0091 Time with cousins.IMG_0092jumpin’ puddles in this unseasonably warm weather. I adore it!  IMG_0093 started yet ANOTHER project. :)IMG_0094Sunday Night Popcorn


IMG_0095The never ending to-do list… IMG_0096Where I sleep. IMG_0097play date with friends. IMG_0098Shoveling snow for mom. IMG_0099Making cookies with one cute boy and a bunch of dinosaurs!   IMG_0101Playing Cinderella. Please stop growing up. I never want you to be to big to dress up.♥ IMG_0102  Carpool duty. IMG_0104