Oct 9, 2011

Sunday Update...

I'm sure many are waiting for an update on dad. I am tempted to mince words, but then what good would an update be? It has been a rough couple of days. Full of pain for him, full of heartache for us watching him as he struggles with the pain. He cries out and we watch helplessly wishing we could trade places with him. They have him on the best pain meds & have also put a spinal block in so he can hopefully find some relief. It lessens the pain but doesn't seem to get rid of it completely. The plan is to try to get the pain under control and start hydrating him tonight so they can move him up to Huntsman's and start another round of Chemotherapy.  The more chemo he gets, the better the chances are of avoiding amputation. The more the swelling goes down & the more the tumor dies, the better the chances are of the doctor being able to reconstruct & do a hinge knee for my dad. We pray that dad can tolerate the pain, so he can get through these next rounds of chemo before surgery. Thank you for your kindness, your prayers & support. 

Al ot of things are up in the air still, we will play it by ear and see what comes next. 

We are still seeing the tender mercies of the Lord around every hurdle and block we must go through.