Mar 13, 2011

Serving Others & Emergency Preparedness Idea...

Over the last day or so, I have had a huge awakening. I realized how selfish I’ve become. I am surrounded I mean literally surrounded by good deserving people. People who need more. I want to do more to help! There are little and big opportunities surrounding all of us. Here are a few things that have inspired me this week-

The other night Zach & I were out to dinner, Zach noticed a sweet  (okay maybe she was a little crabby, she was 80 years old for crying out loud!) who had just finished her dinner and was having a hard time getting out to her car. He jumped up to help. My heart swelled with love for him. In that crowded little corner resteraunt he had taken in his surroundings and noticed someone in need. Do we sit back and wait for opportunities of convinient service to come to us or are we pro active and seeking out what good we can render to our neighbors, our brothers and sisters in need?

These are wonderful people! We have known them for years. Are you an organ donor? It’s a simple way to help.

Can you spare a prayer? A dollar or two?
adopt rinah from VsTheBrain on Vimeo.

God does notice us, and he watches over us. But it is usually through another person that he meets our needs. Therefore it is vital that we serve each other. So often, our acts of service consist of simple encouragement or of giving mundane help with mundane tasks-- but what glorious consequences can flow from mundane acts and from small but deliberate deeds."
--Spencer W. Kimball

Just thinking that in the grand scheme of things I have eternity to do the things I want to do. Wow, then with everything that is happening over in Japan, my heart aches for those people, who must be just terrified right now. Wondering how I can help. Sometimes all you can do is pray. And really that is good enough.
The Lord can do much more than I can anyway.

I also checked an item off my to do list for the month! Yay! I wanted to get Emergency Car Kits completed for both of our vehicles. I can tell you these have saved me more than once. It’s usually not a huge emergency, but they sure make my life easier. We’ve had kids throwing up in the car or wet underwear, and immediately we can change them into a new outfit. Have you ever ran into town and realized you forgot the diaper bag? Well no need to worry, diapers and wipes are already packed. Needed an extra snack in town? Taken care of. These Car Kits are so easy to put together, and I am betting you have most of the items on hand! I did! I got my list of what to put in mine HERE.

Emergency Car Kit List
A box to hold everything
Flashlight & batteries
Wet wipes
Toilet paper roll
Basic first aid kit
Change of clothes
Feminine products
Scriptures, or a book
Jumper cables
Hand sanitizer
Pen & paper
Pocket knife
$5-20 cash (and change)

 Next Project to Tackle our 72 Hour Kits! What are your Spring Projects going to be? Have you started on them already?