Feb 16, 2011

Organization Part II

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So a friend of mine, reminded me that I hadn’t finished my Organizational post series! See… no one is ever as organized as they would like! :)

 {I Love Sunshine} Label

We actually had sunshine & 60 degree weather here yesterday! It was such a nice break from all the cold & gloom!!! I got so much done yesterday! I actually started on my Spring Cleaning List & knocked out a bunch! Good Luck with yours!  Here is another part of our Relief Society Workshop that we had back in January.

Simple Steps to Organize Your Life

Assess the situation- Walk outside your front door, close it and take a deep breath. Now pretend you are someone else, and this is your first visit here. Open the door and begin walking through the house, seeing it through different eyes. Go ahead, snoop! Look through closets & cupboards. What do you think? Be honest now!

Purge- pick a room. Then choose a drawer or closet. Remove everything, and sort into piles.

1. Throw away

2. Put away

3. Give away

4. Sell

5. Keep

To keep or toss? Ask yourself, “Does it enhance my life or the life of others?”

If you answer no, then toss it.

Put back only the things that you love!!!

If it takes 60 seconds or more to decide, toss it.

Organize- Now that you have freed up space, it’s time to organize! Use common sense, put things where you will need them. Be creative, use boxes, crates, buckets, and baskets to organize. Find a home for every homeless thing, and then you never have to waste time trying to find it.

Maintain- easier to keep up, than catch up. Periodically purge throughout the year. Make the decision NOT to bring something into the house, and you won’t have to make the decision about what to do with it later.

Helpful Organizing Websites & Blogs:

www. Flylady.net







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