Feb 6, 2011

FAQ’s about Donating Blankets…

Question: Does the Blanket need to be a specific size?
Answer: No, it can be any size you want.

Question 2: Does the Blanket need to be made out of a certain material?
Answer: Nope, as long as the material is new and unused, it's good to go.

Question 3: Does the Blanket need to be made, or can I buy a blanket?
Answer: You can buy the blanket, or make it, which ever you prefer.

Question 4: Where do we send or drop off blankets? Is there a deadline of when the blankets are needed? Answer: *Mail them to Neal and Angie PO Box 5963 Fullerton, CA 92838-5963 {We will be donating the blankets on May 30, so if you could please send the blanket(s) with enough time to get to us by then}

**Drop them off at my parents house if you know where they live. (If you don’t know where they live but know you live close, email us and we can send you their address).

***Drop them off to me.
If you are dropping the blankets off, will need the blankets by March 31, 2011.
We will be bringing Angie & Neal the blankets in April.

Question 5: Where do we send our pictures with the blanket?
Answer: Email them to nealandangie@gmail.com

Hopefully this answers the most common questions you might have. If you have any other questions.
Please write to us at nealandangie@gmail.com