Nov 3, 2010

My ♥ is happy…

Wanting to try THIS recipe for Egg Nog Punch… what are your thoughts about Egg Nog? I don’t like to think about the raw eggs in it, but truly I adore it!
egg nog punch
{PS They painted this punch bowl with plain old Acrylic Paint! Cute idea right?!}
Thinking about one little girl’s FANCY NANCY Birthday Party that is in the works for next week! ;) I’ll share all the details after the Soiree (That's Fancy for Party), later. I guess I’d better start by mailing the invitations out!
I’m all about free cycling, so here is a little craft I tried. You know those little magnets you get on top of your phone books? You just take those & cut them to the size you want. Also cut a piece of cute patterned paper to the size of the magnet.

Cover the magnets in modge podge and stick the paper on top.
Now paint more modge podge on top of the paper to seal.

Let dry for 24 hours, & then use on your fridge, or magnet boards.

And loving me some cute little boy, because little things like this, make me smile. Dinosaur in my pantry, I guess he was hungry for lunch.
Hope there is something in your day that is making you smile!