Sep 7, 2010

I LOVE today…

Just emptied my trash bin on the desk top… does that make you feel like you  just accomplished something awesome?  I’m a freak. yep.
This is funny.
Pumpkin spice kisses… need I say more? Hello fall! Yummm.
pumpkin spice1st day of Preschool for my baby girl.  DSCN7012
How did you get so big? You were SO very excited to go to school today! It’s been so quiet here at our house without you. Braxton & I have both missed having you around. I’m excited for you to learn and grow. Dad likes to tease you and tell  you that you can’t grow up, but I’m afraid you are doing just that. I couldn’t help but tear up as we drove away. We sure love you little girl!
Do you not LOVE the cute Twinkle Toe Shoes that are out right now? I think they are darling. We picked some up for Brooklyn and she swears they  make her run SO much faster! :)
twinkle toes
Also loving the Silly Bandz @ our house right now! !
silly bandz1
It’s starting to feel like fall. So when there is a nice day with no wind and all sunny skies we jump on it! we had a great time at the park, sharing cookies and basking in the sun! I love today!!
What are you loving today?