Aug 31, 2010

What I want Wednesday {except it’s Tuesday}…

Wellies-Mod-Dot-Rain-Boots-Olive_slideshow_image CategoryRubberBoot 4370_B76_detail AAAADLVk1y4AAAAAAFLRxQ
I don’t even know why I want some of these cuties. Maybe it’s just the fun patterns and colors they come in. I dare you to google rain boot images and look around, it will put a smile on your face!
Have you heard of Ana White? FUN FUN site! She makes making furniture look easy! You can get her free plans and see step by step instructions on so many cute projects! Sometimes while looking at her plans and pictures I even think to myself “Hey, I think I could do that!” and then I remember I’m kind of scared to use power tools. But maybe I could get the Mr. to help me, if I pleaded and begged… this looks good for a first timer’s first project right?!
Ali toddler farmhouse 3

A SUPER cute site for little girl hair do ideas!

Am I the last to hear about that site?! ♥ it!

Wanting to make this cake: It’s so pretty!
rasp. cake
Recipe & Picture from HERE.

Have a fabulous Day!