Aug 18, 2010


It’s 11:11- MAKE A WISH! Does anyone else do that- or is it just me & my family?!
Anyways,  look at these!

button flowers
We are going to attempt to make them today you can make some too… HERE are the instructions.
We went to Porters yesterday to dig through their bin of buttons, you can buy these buttons in bulk there, Brooklyn LOVED digging her hands through all the buttons, and you want to know what? We met some darling friends. Mauri {aka Button girl}, & her momma. Button girl’s  momma brings her into Porters at least once a week to let her little mermaid doll swim through the bin of buttons! It was SO cute, and Brooklyn was fascinated with her new little friend and Ariel swimming through the  buttons! I love mom’s like that. We got talking and she told me that she is having infertility problems. DANG that infertility! I hope that Heavenly Father blesses Button girl with a little sister or brother soon!
Sorry for the randomness, although it was pure cuteness, Button Girl & Ariel & her momma for that matter.
So what are we going to do with our button flowers?


Won’t those button flowers be cute for little rings on my Brooklyn?  Don’t worry I picked out some buttons of my own to make me some as well! Such a cute & easy peasy project. Thank you to my friend Hanna @ Drab to Fab for the great idea!
And if we happen to have some left over buttons I want to make a few of these:
Instructions found HERE at Hope Studio
Drooling over House of Smith’s Pantry. Now my pantry is driving me nuts!
pantry ps
Her blog is darling… LOVE all her home decor ideas!

Kids are getting to that I’m bored stage of summer. Ready for more structure maybe? I’m thinking this is a really fun project to do with them!
Did some Back to School shopping for the kids…

LOOK at these jeans I found for Miss B.
LOVING them!!! The pics don’t even do them justice! Why can’t they make grown up outfits like this?

DSCN6873 DSCN6871

And for the boy… Loving me some prep!


Ahhh. I ♥ Target!
I tend to be a little obsessed with those cute little hippie doves on everything.
These ruffle pillows… wanting to make some in lavender, turquoise & maybe a soft pink, yellow or celery green. LOVE. Tutorial HERE.