Feb 11, 2010

Just poppin’ in…

Hello out there! Want to see what I’ve been up to? Probably not, but it’s all I have to blog about at the moment. Life has been a little hectic, but that’s nothing new to any of us right?!
Last night we rented
images  and  images
Great combo right? Well we loved both of them. I wasn’t a huge MJ fan, but I was sincerely impressed with his kindness and talent throughout the show.
Brooklyn had a Valentine part for her dance class today, and so last night we made these to put in her little gift bags:
{You can click on the picture and it will take you to the tutorial.}

We loved watching the Super Bowl, yes I was cheering for the Saints! I generally pick the team that has the cutest coach. I sure nailed it this year! ;)
imagesCA4N76Z7 vs.display_image
{Just for the hubs sake, neither really tripped my trigger like he does. ;)} Okay okay, back to being a G-rated blog!

Loved the game though, what a tender moment at the end!
Also wanted to share a very FAB blog with you all! My friend Hanna and her sisters are so super talented. Everything they do turns to gold. Seriously some of the most hilarious, and darling girls I know! I know you will want to check out their blog and  their give away!!

Doing anything fun for Valentines Day?

Hope you all enjoy your day!!