Oct 12, 2009

Meeting Mrs. R…

As many of you know, yesterday we had an amazing fireside! We were privileged to hear from Lindsey or many of you know her from her blog at, www.therhouse.blogspot.com where she writes as "Mrs. R." She spoke to us about Finding Hope through Infertility and Adoption. Her message was uplifting, and buoyed each of us up who were in attendance. I'd like to share some highlights from her message.
Lindsey talked about surrendering our old dreams, because as we all know infertility can be crushing news. However there is much hope in each of our journeys. As we surrender our old dreams the Lord replaces them with new dreams. Sometimes it is hard to let the old ones go, however we must in order to let our new dreams grow.
She talked about the ways hope may come into our lives, through prayer, the scriptures, priesthood blessings, compassion for others, service, and being proactive in our approach to adoption. Because when we have hope, we are happy! We should always be hoping!
Lindsey also shared this quote with us.
"Perhaps strength doesn't reside in never being broken- but in the courage required to grow strong in the broken places."
What an honor to have Mrs. R speak to us. She is truly a great advocate for the adoption world, and inspires so many. Feel free to check out more of her inspiring words at www.therhouse.blogspot.com