Sep 2, 2009

Another kind of crazy day…

Introducing… Kolbin J. Keck… I’m an auntie again!
{isn’t he PRECIOUS!}
We got to see him today, and AHH! I could hold him all day long!
We went to see our other precious angel too…
lastofaug09 007
We love you Jayden!
My dad decided that we weren’t getting quite enough excitement around the place, so he decided to add to it… he ended up having a blockage in his ♥, luckily he only needed one stent. He has been so healthy all his life, and to see him in that hospital bed, was sort of a shock to me. It made me appreciate and love him that much more. My dad is one of my heroes and I’m so grateful that he is going to be okay! {No more excitement dad!} ;)
My in-laws, are so much fun, when they decided to take in an exchange student, it was really no surprise. We already love her! She turned 16 today, so we got to go eat some cake and ice cream! Happy Birthday Saskia!
Then we ran straight to recipe group… you can find all our yummy recipes HERE. Thanks Hannah for hosting! I always look forward to getting together with the Cookin’ Mama’s!
The weather is turning a little cooler, I have mixed feelings about it all, of course we hate to see the SUNSHINE go… but a little more of a schedule, all things cinnamon & spice, pumpkins, and of course my favorite hot chocolate season, get me pretty excited too. Look at this CUTE new cocoa cup I bought…
rl09 045
I think it will help me ease into the cooler weather!
Hope you are all enjoying your week!