Jun 4, 2009

Thank You...

Friends & Family, I tear up as I write this. We are overwhelmed by the kindness that has been shown to Angie & Neal. We have been truly blessed. Angie is recovering physically extremely well. She is here and we are so glad! Neal will be traveling up separately with Jayden, hopefully they will be here sometime tomorrow. The Lord has blessed them with a strength beyond their own. It is truly a miracle. We know it will be a rough road ahead, but the Lord truly is watching over them. TO ALL FRIENDS & FAMILY OF NEAL & ANGIE: We would like to invite you to a light luncheon, this Saturday, June 6th at Noon. We are planning on doing it at my parents house if you need directions to the Bodily Residence, please e-mail me at sunshineinmysoul_33(at)yahoo(dot)com, in case of inclement weather we will be holding it at the Denning Church Building in Iona.
Again, thank you so very much for your thoughtfulness, your faith and your prayers, they have truly buoyed us up. There is no way to properly thank each one of you for your kindness.