Jun 12, 2009

Tackling the To-Do List…

I've been trying to get a few projects done around here. A couple of these, I've had on the to-do list for a LONG time! So it feels great to get it done. I've been wanting to organize my recipe book, into individual binders with the titles like Main Dish, Desserts, Soup/Salad & Bread, Appetizers/Beverages & Misc. I love the way they turned out. I used the Shabby Miss Jenn digi kit called Chit Chat to design the cover pages.

If you want to organize your recipes like this, then let me know... I'd be more than happy to e-mail you a copy of each of the binder covers! Or I'll even customize one that says "your name Recipes" (example: Holly's Recipes)
I also love the site Fly Lady, and while I don't follow her routine exactly, I've taken allot of inspiration from it. I have a "Control Journal". It keeps me sane and organized. This is what it looks like (the cover anyway):
 birthdays-000-Page-1 (6)
First Section in it is my Address Book, I wanted my own templates so I could add to it anytime I needed to. Address-Book-000-Page-1 (2)
Section #2 My Weekly Focus... which means I have a "focus" for each day of the week. They look like this: Now don't get me wrong, my week is never perfect, but it makes me remember to be more balanced and find a happy medium between cleaning, cooking, taking care of me and my family etc. Each day has a word I want to focus on, such as Order, Happiness, Beauty etc.   This is what Thursday looks like:
I also have a sheet that says Monthly:
at the beginning of each month I look ahead for Birthdays & special events, I plan my menu, get my visiting teach done etc.
Section #3 is a section for my detailed cleaning lists, each week  I focus on a new area or zone, these lists can be found on http://www.flylady.net/ I have altered it to fit my own schedule and home. It just lists deep cleaning ideas, and I try to get most of them done in the week that I am cleaning in that zone. That way your house never needs to be completely deep cleaned. You are doing pieces of your Spring Cleaning all year round!
Section #4 is my personal section. I like to have a sheet that says Project List, Things I Want, Books to Read, Movies to See, Movies to Buy. It may seem silly, but we are always walking out the door to rent a movie and we get to the Red Box and we think, what movie did so and so recommend to watch?! Ugh.  Or I can grab my list of Books to Read and head to the Library with it. Love that!
Section #5 is a list of Birthdays and special events that I want to keep track of… the templates are SIMPLE and that’s what I wanted.
Section#6 is my “911” Section. First I have a page that looks like this:
I list our pediatrician’s phone number, poison control, and any relatives or close neighbors phone numbers, along with our own address so when we have baby sitters over they can use this section in case of an emergency. I am still working on the section, but eventually I would like to have more info like CPR tips, etc.
So there you have it, that’s what I have been working on this week!