Apr 28, 2009

Blog Secrets...

As promised her you go!
I have wanted a 3 column blog forever! Here is the tutorial I used to make mine... 3 column blog tutorial. This site also has many other fabulous tutorials about how to how to make a blog signature, how to change the font on your blog, and more blog secrets!
I love this one... to make the little icon up in your address bar, so it's not the ugly orange blogger one...Try it out HERE! So fun!

Last I hope you ALL decide to put one of these on your blogs... it makes blog surfin' SO much easier. ha! To put a "You might like these stories" on the bottom of your posts, GO HERE!
Come on if I can figure these out then you can too... I want everyone to have a CUTE blog!
If you have anymore questions for me, or are wondering about something that I didn't cover, please e-mail me or leave a comment I'm happy to help you (well as much as I can anyway!) ;) I'm really not that savvy with computers!
So now that all my secrets are out! I need some help... how do you all make the blogs on your side bar automatically update? I've tried... do you really have to enter each individual blog address into the side bar again under the feed button? And I think I want the one that updates with pictures... how do I do that? Help! Please! :)
Oh and one more thing... I totally missed my Blog Birthday! It was back in March... 3 years ladies! Hooray! (Really just an excuse for a give away!) Okay this is the one that I have... I ♥ it! So perfect for traveling. The one I'm giving away probably won't be this pattern but, if you want one... leave me a comment and let me know!