Mar 14, 2009


You know what... I just finished reading some of my favorite blogs on this beautiful Saturday morning! I actually read 3 posts that really caught my eye today. That's one of the reasons I love blogging so much, I love being able to find inspiration and relate to others through blogging. I have been thinking allot this week, about blogging, about the role that it plays in my life and in others lives as well. I guess that's why I loved Kate's post so much this morning.
Kate said.. " i don't consider myself a "blog freak".. you know blogging 10 hours a day (seriously, more power to you if that's what you enjoy doing), although i'll be the first to admit i think it's one of the greatest invention of all time (next to cucumbers in vinegar). i love reading ALL your blogs, keeping up with your cute children/spouses/vacations/etc. keeping up with friends i NEVER see.
I think we've all heard or read some of these words...
"blogs are for people who want to brag about themselves and how perfect their life is" "people try to make their life sounds so perfect in blogland"
"blogs are a perfect way to live in a fairy tale land, and fool other people to believe you are liv'n the dream"
"no one wants to hear about you going to the grocery store, or how delightful your moonlight walk was"
....etc..... sound familiar?? ..... heard or read any of these or something similar??
whether you blog to journal, to scrapbook, or even if you blog to escape reality... flaunt it how you want it girl! it's your time to shine... and everyone's sunshine is completely different. don't let anyone tell you or make you feel like you can't spice up your blog life! do and say whatever you darn well please. if it makes you feel better to talk about the "grand" ... "fantabulous" things going on in your life, and sometimes even sugar coat them... more power to ya sugar. as for me, i consider myself an optimist.. for the most part (don't get me wrong, occasionally i have to walk up hill in the snow both ways!) and i think everyone knows NO ONE's life is perfect, but when i sit down by jeremy with ESPN blazing in the background, and start posting on my cheesehead blog... the positive things are what MOST often come to mind to record, not those rare times i want to drop kick that cute hubs of mine. ha. "
but seriously.. if people are going to spend the time talking about how lame blogs are .... and how people SHOULD blog.... and how people are being fake through blogging ...
Well you get the point, and I couldn't have said it better myself Kate!!!!
(Read her whole blog post RIGHT HERE.)

(image courtesy of Flickr)
I agree 100% with my friend Kate. I feel like I am a "glass is half full" kind of girl. My life is no where near perfect. In fact if I recapped my week this week it would be filled with throw-up in the car, naughty kids in town, a failed batch of cookies, a planned trip to the temple that never happened, a missed recipe group, I get mad at my kids, I'm late for church almost every Sunday! and I probably spend too much time on the computer etc. etc. I never want to appear fake or flaunting, and there are plenty of times when I look at someone else's blog and think oh my gosh, I wish I could sew like her... I wish I had a house like that... I wish I could cook like... I wish I had her energy or I wish I could take pictures like that or decorate my home like her, but you know what... Kate's right I am worrying to much about what people think about me in blogland, and in real life. If you are one who is reading my blog and you don't like what you see, well then STOP READING it! It's my blog & my life and I'm going to keep posting what I want to. :)
On that note... here's a quote I got from the movie Fred Clause
"The world is what you make it, but it all starts with what you make of yourself."
Have a beautiful weekend!!