Feb 5, 2009


Well I'm taking in our external hard drive tomorrow to see if they can get all the files off of it. :) Crossing my fingers and saying a few prayers! :) I did however take some precautions... I staged Braxton's first birthday, so just in case I don't get the pictures back, at least I have some of his 1st birthday to scrapbook! :) Funny thing is some of these turned out better than his actual birthday, so lucky me! I got the idea for the cute cupcakes HERE, and although Nutter Butter's would have been much cuter for the ears, with all the Salmonella/peanut butter hype, I didn't dare use them! haha.
I seriously can't believe that our little guy is one! He is such a joy to us. His laugh is so contagious and one of the best parts of my day. We had two parties for him and lots of fun!
Thanks everyone who made it perfect! We love our little Monkey!